Wednesday, June 20, 2018

3 jokes JJD

What do you call a banana that fell in a bowl of chocolate mud?
Banana Pudding

What is meatier than a meatball?
A meat-eor

Why did the grandma go to the chicken pen?
She needed some ink for a writing assignment

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

3 jokes-nld







when I grow up - jjd

When I grow up
When I grow up I want to become a professional twitch streamer and win a trophy at pro am e3. I would also love to get  a masters degree and 7 PhD's then become a streamer full time and get paid 20$ for each sub and 2$ for each view!!!
Sincerely, Joseph

summer 2k18 plans - jjd

My 2018 summer plans
I want to go fishing and get the new Black ops call of duty game. I would also like to set a goal for the end of the summer, my goal is to reach rebirth 1000 in mining simulator
Those we're some of my plans for this summer!!
Love, Joseph

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

20120815 SMD- Children's story

20120815 SMD- Children's story

Squirt the baby Sea Turtle was a very curious little turtle. His mother, Isabella, was always worried when Squirt would go play. One great day under the sea, Squirt started 1st grade! He didn't go to kindergarten,because Isabella knew Squirt was way to smart to even bother going. On Squirts first day of school,he was nervous but also really excited to meet new people. He met some nice creatures! He met, Jessie the Jellyfish. Ollie the Octopus,and another Sea Turtle, his name was Sebastian. They had the same class together and they all loved having each other around. Then one day,Greg the Great White Shark noticed how much fun Squirt and his friends were having and had to stop it. Greg didn't like being happy and since he didn't he thought know one else should either. He was always grouchy. Greg always picked on all the kids,but he loved picking on Squirt. Squirt would ignore him,but eventually Squirt spoke up. Isabella wasn't feeling well & it worried Squirt. He was having a bad day and Greg made it even worse. Squirt told Greg, "You're a big bully Greg!!! You might not enjoy being happy but other kids do!!!! Maybe if you weren't always mean you could see how great it is to be happy & have amazing friends!!!". Greg went home that night and realized that he was always unhappy and he didn't exactly know why,he wanted friends so he went to Squirt. Squirt and everyone else were surprised to what they just heard! Greg apologized to everyone in school and told them how he learned his lesson. "Just because I'm not happy,doesn't mean I need to be rude to everyone!!!", Squirt was very proud of Greg and he became very close friends with Squirt & the rest of the group.

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