Tuesday, June 28, 2011

20110628 JMA&SMD Rhyming Poem


My family is good

There always in a mood

Especially when they want food.

They like the Jets ,

but Their son likes the Mets!

Their 2 girls want ipad`s.

There dad says no way!!!

Their ferret May

 likes to play.

Bob and Bella like to have their own way,

Simon and George like to be a pain,

One day they’ll be using a cane.

This family has 3 daughters & 1 son.

Their parent`s way a ton! (Not in a mean way)

But they ALL like to have a lot of fun!!

This family is amazing

No doubt about it,

But over all

The Dalbo Family is 

THE Main Hit!!! J .

Monday, June 27, 2011

20110627 JMA My Hero

My heroes…

          I have many heroes in my life, but they are all my heroes for different reasons. My parents are my heroes because they have led me through life and taught me many important life lessons. My friend Kayleigh is also hero because she has never let me down and has been a role model for me because she has so many wonderful manners. My teachers are also my heroes. The teacher who was my biggest hero was my eight grade math teacher Mrs. V She was always watching over me to be sure that I had understood all of the math concepts and made sure I was getting all of the answers correct. She helped me so much that she led me to get a perfect score on my math SOL. Another one of my heroes is Jesus. He is my biggest hero of all. If he hadn’t watched over me as he still does then I would be a much worse person. Another reason he is my hero is because he chose me to be with my parents, my friends, and my family that I have and if I didn’t have them then I wouldn’t be me!

20110627 SMD My Hero

My Hero 

My hero would probably be my step mother, VikiJ. She helps me a lot of things. Like she helps me with school work and if I have a question she answers it or helps me understand it. I was doing bad in school and then she came in my life and helped me fix it. She has helped me A LOT! She is a really great woman. She is unique, wonderful, smart, funny, helpful, and a lot of other great thingsJ. I couldn’t ask for a better step mother! Sometimes she can be weird and laugh at non-funny things but she`s still amazingJ. I love her very much and she`s the BEST!!! J. I love it when she is in a good mood because her since of humor comes out!!! J. I Love You and your the best Hero ever!!!!! J <3 .



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

20110621 SMD When I grow up...

Grown UpJ

When I grow up I want to be a lot of things. Here is 1 idea (not in orderJ), I want 2 be a 7th grade Science Teacher! I love science and in 7th grade u learn a lot of amazing things. Like cell division and animals adaptations! I really enjoy science and marine life. My 2nd idea is to work at Sea World with the dolphins!!!I would like to work with the sharks, but I would be worried I would get hurt or something bad happens. So I`m just gonna go with the dolphin`sJ. I think it would be really fun working with them and doing shows. My last idea is being a marine biologist! I like the ocean, swimming, and the animals and creatures that live there!!! J.I could take pictures and everything. I think it would be fun but it`s something I`m not a 100% about. I`m either going to be a teacher or work at Sean World. Most likely Sea World though. Sea World would be great!! You live at Florida, work with an amazing mammal, I could still hang out with Jaime (If she was to work with the Killer WhalesJ), and I could have the time of my life!!! J!!The bad part would be not really seeing your family. They’ll live J.I still have long ways to go before I`m grown up. I still have time to think about what I want to be J

JThe EndJ

20110621 JMA When I grow up...

When I Grow Up...

        When I grow up I want to be many things. The first job I would like to have is a marine biologist at sea world and work with killer whales. The second job I would like to have is to be a lawyer.  The last and least job I want to do is to be a second grade teacher. I want to work at SeaWorld because I think it would be the experience of a life time to teach and watch the killer whales do their amazing tricks. I dont think that I would have a very good chance of getting the extraordinary job so I have thought of back up choices.

        The first backup choice I have is to be a lawyer when I grow up. I chose a lawyer because it looks like an interesting and busy job. In my eighth grade civics class we had a mock trial. I was the prosecution in the case. I was very interested in the fake job and I took it very seriously. I liked it because I got to argue and prove myself right (which feels very good to me)

        The last backup job I have is to be a second grade teacher. In the first paragraph I explained that I did not want it because it seems to plain and boring for me. I say that because I dont really want to see the same people every day and deal with the same things. I would really like to work at sea world or work with orcas or be a lawyer when I grow up.

Monday, June 20, 2011

20110620 SMD Summer 2011 Plans

JSummer Time 2011J

This summer I`m planning on accomplishing and enjoying a lot of things. I would like to work a little on school work so then I`ll be better once I go back to school as an 8th grader!!I want to spend time with my family, especially in the pool. I think we would spend a lot of time with each other if we went to the beach, but we have gone to Kings Dominion and were going again soon. Last time we went I had a fantastic time with everyone!!!!Me and Daddy rode most of the bigger roller coasters together. We went and rode the "Volcano"! (It was my first time.) And it was really exciting, but I lost my head band for my hair J.Mommy, Jaime, and I rode "White Water Canyon" together. It was really fun! We went 2 times, but the first time we didn’t get as wet as we hoped but the second time we got really wet! J .Then Mommy and Me rode the "Scrambler" together and Jaime rode it by herself. Jaime was just sitting there looking tired while I kept running into Mommy and I hit my head on the bar from laughing so much!!!J .It was great. Can`t wait to go again!!!Well, the beginning of my summer I went to work with Mommy and I met my other half (He would just come out of me randomly.Creepy.). His name is….Inspector Cruzo! He has a thin black mustache and white hair…He isn`t smart. At all.He has a French accent and loves to solve a case or a murder!!Mommy also spilled coke on some ones nice mustang!!!She`s a genesis, right. Well she is just not in this case J.Anyways, it went all on the guy`s right side of his car. So we left it for a few hours and went back with 2 bottles of water and there were coke stains on the windows…great. So Mommy left a sorry note and told him we tried. (Unlike some people would do…) and we left. My summer so far has been very good J .Just hope it continues.

J The End J

20110620 JMA Summer 2011 Plans

                Over the summer I wish to accomplish many things some of them are…

·         to get an ipad and see what it is like

·         go to church and open my heart to Jesus

·         learn something new

·         plan the best Halloween party in the world

·         have a sleepover with my cousin and friend Hayley Lanham

·         have fun in the pool with my family

·         try something new

·         get my back hand spring

·         make a secret door between my sister and my  rooms

·         have a get together for my 14th birthday

·         get  my brother to learn how to keep his play room clean

·         not get so easily aggravated when my step sister has an attitude (which is very often)

·         find a way to make money over the summer

·         start babysitting for money

·         make a dance that is really cool

·         teach my brother how to swim even better then he kind of does

·         find a new favorite book that is extremely interesting

·         pitch a tent in my backyard and sleep in it

·         convince my mother that we should get allowance for doing chores

·         make a delicious recipe up

·         win something extraordinary

·         design an outfit that is extremely amazing

·         go mattress surfing!!